Information for our Partners: Race Directors and Endurance/Sports Product Companies

We welcome you to provide club-exclusive discount codes for use only by our members, and/or provide free race entries, free products or product samples, or free promotional items for our members.  If at all possible, we ask for race organizers to use the same code for their events.  If codes need to be changed each year please let us know.

All club specific discount and promotional codes are kept on a secure, members only website which requires a username and password.  We do NOT share club discount codes on social media.  We know how important it is to keep our codes private to prevent them from being abused.  Also, our membership terms are that if a members will be removed if they are found publicly giving out our club-exclusive codes.

To submit race discount codes, offer free entries for giveaway to our club members, or offer contests, please contact us at:

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