Finishing Your 100th Lifetime Half Marathon?

To have your 100th half marathon finisher's shirt sent to you, we need you to take the following steps.

We do not track your races for you.  We ask members track their own race records (this helps keep the due costs down). 

You need to submit a list of completed races to date, either via spreadsheet, via a profile on another club, or via Athlinks.  Please send this information to our address.  We'll need this race history, plus a USPS mailing address (we use First Class mail).  For members outside of the United States- we will need to determine the best method to get your shirt to you.  Due to the high cost of postage, we'll request that you cover the shipping cost. 

We are happy to pre-send your shirt before you finish the 100th so you can have it ready to wear after you finish that milestone race!  Please submit your info between race 95 and 99. 

We try to keep all sizes in stock at all times, but there is a very slight chance that we might not have your size in at the time of your request. 

We want to announce and celebrate your 100th finish!  We also want to add you to the Finisher Hall of Fame.  Please share your race photos and personal story with us.

Note: you must be a member in good standing (dues are current) to receive your finisher's shirt. 

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